What is an LT400?

The LT400 is the NZ Transport Agency form that a Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineer issues upon completion of repair/modification work

It contains:

  • Heavy Vehicle Inspector’s (Certifying Engineer’s) Name & ID
  • Vehicle Identifiers (Reg. No. & VIN / Chassis No.)
  • Certification Category
  • Description of Work (Repair, modification and/or component descriptions)
  • Code or Standard to which the component has been certified
  • Component Load Rating
  • Supporting Documentation (that the HVCE has on file)
  • Any Special Conditions
  • Certification Expiry Date or Hubometer Reading (if applicable)
  • Heavy Vehicle Inspector’s (Certifying Engineer’s) Signature & Date

The LT400 is used to demonstrate certification to the CoF Agent and subsequently the NZ Transport Agency that the work was undertaken and completed to the required standard(s). If the Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineer issues the original LT400 to the owner, they must immediately present it to the CoF Testing Agent to upload to the NZ Transport Agency’s Landata computer records system. The Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineer may otherwise upload this information themselves to Landata and give the owner a copy of the LT400.

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