Steps Involved

Steps Involved in Becoming a Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifier (HVSC)

  1. Gain relevant qualifications in Mechanical Engineering: Diploma of Engineering or an engineering degree
  2. Recognise this is a specialist field, not well-documented, and you need a lot of on-the-job work experience to gain industry knowledge. This is also the most effective training in this field. Be prepared to glean and learn from others
  3. Start working in the heavy transport field – Get a job working for a heavy vehicle engineer or in a company that does heavy vehicle engineering (doesn’t have to be with a certifier). This will help you gain experience and an understanding of the industry
  4. There are 7 technical certification categories in which you can gain experience and sit an exam to practice as a heavy vehicle specialist certifier in New Zealand. You can become qualified to practice in any or all of these categories by sitting the relevant exam for each. See the link to  ‘Appointments’ below
  5. When you think you know enough to sit the NZTA exam which qualifies you to apply to practice as a heavy vehicle specialist certifier in New Zealand, contact the NZ Transport Agency for timing and locations of the next relevant exam
  6. Once you pass the exam you will be required to attend an interview with the Agency where you will be questioned on your business ethics, technical ability and understanding of the industry and your critical role in it
  7. On successful completion of the Agency’s interview process the standard procedure is for you to be appointed on a probationary basis while you undergo a period of mentoring with an experienced certifier

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