To find an approved HVE Certifier qualified for the particular vehicle component you need certified and/or in your region, use the search option below:

  • If you know what part of the vehicle needs to be certified, find the Certification Category which covers that component and search by Certification Category
  • If you would like to find a Heavy Vehicle Certifier in your area, search by Region
  • Searching ‘All regions’ or regions in close proximity to your required area is recommended if insufficient search results are obtained or alternative engineers are required. Please contact a Heavy Vehicle Certifier of your choice to find out whether your vehicle certification requirements can be met.

You can also view the most recent list of NZTA approved Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifiers and the categories they hold here. Further information related to heavy vehicle certification is also available at NZTA here. If you have any problems trying to find a suitable certifier, do not hesitate to contact us.

Chris Watt
Paul White
Employer: Nortran Certification & Design Ltd
Employer Website:
Certifier ID: HPW1
Regions: Northland
Jim Williamson
Employer: Finishing Touch Engineering Services Ltd
Employer Website: http://
Certifier ID: JPW
Regions: Bay of Plenty
Dwayne Zander
Employer: Gary Douglas Engineers Ltd
Certification Category: HVEAHVECHVETHVP1HVS1HVS2
Certifier ID: DGZ
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